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Interfacing an external pan controller using SendKeys()

In the absence of 2D pan+zoom support for my 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator, I'm looking to implement, or at least to experiment with, my own solution.

My programming skills don't extend to C or C++, so doing anything myself within AC is not a viable option. However, I do have extensive experience in Adobe Director, which is cross-platform Mac+Win. Within that I can receive data from the SpaceNavigator, and in response, use a SendKeys() function to send key combinations to the active window (I can also use Windows messages, but this would be Windows only ).

For zoom, I could send the "+" and "-" keys to the active window (after checking that it is the 2D window).

However, the panning options, using readily available arrow keys are limited, and probably would be useless.

So I'm wondering if anybody would be willing to collaborate and write some functions for AC that would listen for key combinations, and implement more granular control of pan and zoom ...?

If it works out, I'd offer the results as a community contribution and make it freely available to all that want it - with my code (at least) being made available as open source.
Wellington, New Zealand.
Win10pro x64, AC 23 Student.
Intel Xenon E31235 Quad 3.2GHz, 16GB, Nvidia GFX670, 4 x multi-monitor setup, 3dconnexion SpaceExplorer.

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