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3D Sketch showing weird when put on sheet

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[AC23] I am using a saved 3D window that renders to a sketch view, when I place them on a sheet if I place at the default 800x600 size there is no issues at all, but as soon as I increase the size, there seems to be the extra size being blacked out and only showing a portion of my image.

Seems like depending on the resolution I select, the higher means more is blacked out.

I have no issues just rendering the image, it only happens when I place/link it into the sheet.

I could just render the image, save it and put the image on there but that is more tedious if I end up changing the 3D a lot which is what will probably happen.

No clue why its doing this, any help is appreciated.

Photo showing whats happening:

Steve Jepson
In 3D view - right click your mouse - Set Window Size - Keeps Proportions - 5000 or so x 2570 or something like that. Then Alt-F7 ( Save Veiw and Place on Layout. Then Resize the drawing manually to what ever size is about right - then use Ctrl-T ( Drawing Selecton Settings) to edit the size to something rational and exact.

That way the drawing will display much clearer, and it will still be a linked drawing to the model for the sake of updates. Making things smaller than origianl size makes them clearer, making them bigger makes them fuzzy and in your case, generates all that black background you don't want to see.

This is not a fix for your specifc problem but you may not encounter the problem if you are making the images smaller rather than bigger. ?

Also, you can make the 3D window very large and save that as a 3D Document for more contorl of the graphics. They place the 3D huge 3D Document on the Layout and Resize that manually, then edit size a bit in Drawing Selecton Settings. It will Update as well as a live link.

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Thanks for that, I did try messing about with 3D documents however I wanted the sketch look that you can get with the rendering engine.

The solution I have come up with is just rendering the sketch, saving over the previous one and then updating the document on the sheet, even if ive cropped/changed the size it will keep that and just update based on the source, not too bad of a solution for me really.

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