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3d window contents to 2d lines

Darrin N
I have jumped a few versions to AC 20 and am trying to locate some features that have changed. I used to be able to save the contents of a 3d window to a 2D line file. This appears to no longer be an option? I wan to export the line work from a 3d view (for use in other graphics programs). How can this be done in AC 20?
Darrin Newnham
Arch. Tech., LEED AP
AC 6 - 20 - Windows 10

Hey Darrin! try creating a 3D document from the 3D window and export that.
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AC4.55 through 26 / USA AC25-6000 USA

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MacOS 12.6.5

Darrin N
There used to be a 2d lines file type available when doing a save as from a 3D document. That choice is gone I assume. I now have to use a DXF I guess? Or am I missing something?

What If i want to work with lines and hatches from a 3D document within Archicad? Can I explode the 3d document?

Thanks Aaron
Darrin Newnham
Arch. Tech., LEED AP
AC 6 - 20 - Windows 10

Maybe you are looking for the old option:
In the 3D window, use the vectorial engine.
Make a marquee (with flat geometry method) around the part you want.
Hit "Ctrl-C" to copy the marquee content.
A dialog should pop up with several options.

You can then paste these in a worksheet.

Best regards.

Darrin N
That works great! Tough to find some of these features in the manual.

Darrin Newnham
Arch. Tech., LEED AP
AC 6 - 20 - Windows 10

Sebasti_n Cerda P_

To create a 2D line of a 3D what I have done is:

Create 3D view, then select all in the 3D view and paste it on a work sheet.

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