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AC21 Label / annotation object?

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I haven't run AC20 because our old template was huge to change. But now we finally building a AC21 template.

There isn't any way to label objects automatically like we could in older ArchiCad versions with the little checkbox?

I've tried to use documents -> annotations -> selected objects but the label got a very bad placement so that function is useless??

If I copy one object and forgot to mark the label, then I have to label manually again.

Or am I missing something?

Barry Kelly
Labelling is different since version 20.
You now do it as you mentioned or you can simply set up your label tool and just click on the element/s that you want to label (plan or elevation).
This will give you more control of how the label is placed but you must do it for each element.

Now you can have more than one label per element which is why there is no longer a check box in the element settings.

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