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AC22 PDF Issues

Jeff Griffin
We're noticing a nasty bug with PDFs created with AC22. When the resulting PDFs are opened in Bluebeam or Adobe Reader, we're finding that entire sheets act as hyperlinks to other pages. Clicking anywhere on the page (even when clicking on a blank space) you are transported to a different page. You can see this behavior for yourself by creating a PDF from the default AC22 USA template that ships with the software and then opening it in Adobe Reader. I've also included a link below to the PDF I created back in August. The issue starts on page #2, but also shows up on pages 3-6 & pages 16-31. It seems to only effect sheets that show plan views.

Try it for yourself. Here's that link:

The other issue we've discovered is that the PDFs generated from AC22 can't be marked up in Bluebeam without the file becoming corrupted. Even something as simple as opening a PDF in Bluebeam, adding one small mark and then saving the file will corrupt it.

We've reported this issue to GSNA Support on 8/9, but haven't received a solution yet. We have been given a workaround that isn't acceptable. Here's the solution from GSNA:

"The problem is that the Section/Elevation Markers which are used in the project have two lines for relations. We are working on fixing the bug that makes the whole page as a link when you use this kind of Markers.

Until then here are the possible workarounds:
- Delete the hyperlinks with an unlimited area. You can do this using a PDF editor software (e.g. Bluebeam Revu or Adobe Acrobat Pro).
- Change the settings of your Section/Elevation Markers. If they are not linked to the placed Drawing/View, they will not create hyperlinks.
- Publish the Layouts one by one and merge after it using a PDF editor software."

Since even the USA template that ships with AC22 results in PDFs with this behavior, it's hard to believe that this issue isn't more widespread. GSNA has told me that this isn't an urgent issue since I'm the only user reporting it. I reminded them that "priority support" is a subscription benefit which we aren't getting.
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another reason why it is not noticed by everyone is because not everyone is generating their .pdf's with ArchiCAD. Personally I like to use Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro if I Print and sometimes when I Publish.
Others are providing .dwg to the person who makes the prints. Not every thing made with ArchiCAD gets Published as a .pdf in ArchiCAD.

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