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Add calculation parameters to schedules

Is it possible to add parameters/formulas to schedules to calculate percentages of zone areas to a fixed number?

For example, the percentage of floor area to site area. We adjust zones to calculate floor area as we design a building then we work out the % but we would had to manually add it as a text.
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Marc H
Shooting from the hip here (haven’t tested it), but have you tried adding an expression field in the Property Manager and making it available to your zones?.
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Erwin Edel
Since you are comparing a sum total of a set of zones (or fills, not sure which it is) to another single one, I don't think this calculation can be done with properties. Since properties are set for a single element.

We do these sort of calculations in Excel, since we need to derive a lot more calculations from the square meters of a project. That does mean manually typing in the values in excel initially, but even with large appartment projects that rarely means more than a few stories and appartment types.

You can also add dummy text fields to schedules where you can just type values if you don't like adding the text to layout.
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Like Erwin said, Excel is the way to go. You can "link" the information in a sort of automatic way.

- Prepare a schedule that has every bit of information you'll need to make your calculations, like floor number, floor name, dwelling ID, zone ID, zone area, category, etc.
- Save the resulting schedule to .xlsx, or better yet create a publisher set of the information
- In a new excel file link the info you just saved/published.
- With this as a database, use pivot tables to analyze the data and create any information you need.

Change something in the project and just publish again and update the link in excel. It is a great workflow!
If you need to place it back to a layout, just create a PDF and you can link that in AC.

Hope that helps.
Best regards.

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