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Adobe PDF 'Reduce File Size' Error

Greetings All,


After Publishing a larger set ( 56.9 MB ) from either ArchiCAD24 or 25, I can not use Adobe Acrobat DC to 'Reduce File Size'. The PDF starts to load, but crashes mid-way. Does anyone else have this issue? Below are the many steps I have taken :


- Adobe Acrobat DC Updated.

- Checking my Work Computer Specs : PC Tower . Windows 10 Pro . Processor - Intel(R) Xeon(R) W-2265 CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz w/ 64.0 GB RAM

- I have posted in the Adobe Forum, with no luck. Suggestions being update Adobe and/or Delete Adobe, Re-Install. I have done this multiple times.

- I have tried to split my set into two PDFs and 'Reduce File Size' of each separately. My rendering page can be optimized, but my drawing set still crash.

- I have emailed the large sets to co-workers, so that they may try to  'Reduce File Size'. They also can not accomplish this, using the same Adobe Acrobat DC. 

- However I have been able to optimize this large set using my personal Mac and personal software ' PDF Expert '. Nice job PDF Expert! This software is unfortunately only for Mac users.


I am running out of ideas. Is this an Archicad Layout format issue or an Adobe Acrobat DC? Would be a good start. If anyone has suggestions, I would really appreciate your input.


Kind Regards,


I believe it is an issue with how AC handles vectorial hatching. Every break in a line within your vectorial hatch is rendered as a separate entity. When Acrobat tries to optimise them it appears to break down these individual elements and you often run out of RAM.... There was a similar post around here somewhere.





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Lingwisyer ,

What is interesting is that I have been using Archicad for about 8yrs and have not had this issue prior. I am writing here to simply document, in hopes of helping another fellow Archicad user. My computer here was purchased this last year 21' and has 64 GB of RAM. My work-around is currently to 'Optimize' the PDF, instead of 'Reduce File'. I have a bit more control there and have adjusted the settings to work in favor of exporting a PDF. I appreciate your input Lingwisyer . - Jakub

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