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ArchiTerra terrain and exporting 3D model


I am frequently exporting models from Archicad 23 that contains terrain created using ArchiTerra.


ArchiTerra sometimes makes it impossible to do this, because the files exported will often produce warped and unstable geometry similar to what you would get if you created a model far away from the project origin.

3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Modo and Sketchup all produce the same issue when opening the file, and the same problem occurs using .3ds, .skp, .obj and .fbx formats.


Also, textures will not display properly in Archicad when this problem occurs - they will appear stretched or warped, and are "swimming" in the geometry when rotating the model. I find it surprising to find no one else experiencing this problem anywhere on the forum or searching on Google.


So far, the only solution I have found is to delete the terrain (after making a copy of the file), export the model as a module file (no idea why this works) and import the module into a new .pln.

After doing this, textures will display properly in Archicad and the model will export fine. This can probably be done in a better way, I'm not really that familiar with Archicad since mainly work in 3Ds Max.


Can anyone confirm or replicate that this is in fact an issue with ArchiTerra? (ArchiTerra Plus 2.0)



Also, Archicad crashes if I try to open a file with ArchiTerra terrain without activating the plugin at startup.