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Archicad & the Metaverse

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner

I wonder how Archicad will compete in the metaverse?


I think it's going to be increasingly easy to build beautiful structures without real-world limitations or clients to worry about. There will be as much, if not much more, money to be made in virtual worlds than in the real world. The first virtual building has also sold for approximately $512,000 and it will never be built. Or perhaps we sell our models as NFTs along with our real-world deliverables. 


I have personally already bought 4 lots in SuperWorld and am eyeing up Victoria VR (the first hyper-realistic virtual, unreal engine powered, blockchain world which is about to drop early next year) next. It's early days, but the digital land rush has begun. Buildings can be sold or rented, or advertising  / augmented reality rights can be leased, in multiple worlds.


Web 3.0 is just around the corner. Is anyone else planning to stake a claim? Do you think Archicad will play a big part in it?


Would love to hear more opinions!






The omniverse construct will become the place where federated BIM models are kept. You won't necessarily model anything in there but it will allow you to upload and integrate multiple models along with running simulations on the BIM models. Over time more and more providers will build add-ons within the omniverse that will undertake certain tasks within the BIM model. The implementation of AI within this construct will streamline & coordinate all design aspects from the structure to HVAC to fire etc. For example the Architect may deliver the concept design into the Omniverse system in the form of a BIM model. AI would then assess the design against the required regulatory requirements and expected building performance, then generate all the designs for the services/fire/structure/HVAC/mobility/wind/earthquake etc. Granted it is still a few years off yet, but it will get there and if GS doesn't understand this and use it to their advantage then they will be left behind.


I understand that Omniverse is software. A platform where you place assets and can interact with them. But I think it's clear to me that it's not a metaverse. It's not a world where you can link up with other users who are walking through it, and using virtual reality goggles you feel like you're inside and you can talk or chat with someone there in real time. The idea of metaverse is this, and the trend is for reality-virtuality interaction to have its limits increasingly blurred.
I don't think Omniverse is this. It's still impressive.
Nor should we confuse a metaverse that is hosted on a "web", with a software even if it works in a cloud. This is my opinion, of course.

I imagine that AI will generate the architecture as well as all the engineering & other services.   A client would simply indicate style & programming inputs.  AI algorithms will show concepts and different iterations....maybe in an seemingly endless variety.    Pick one and be done.  What then for architects & engineers in the metaverse?   Creating algorithms from building codes?  Not sure I want to go there.  



Tom Krowka Architect

Windows 11, AC Version 26

To true, I suppose then, the question is not about whether Graphisoft will be relevant in the future but will the Architect? And without the Architect there is no need for Archicad!

This is my prediction too. Eventually the little pretty (but mostly not so pretty) buildings we are used to will also lose their form and we will be left with a sea of data that adapts inmediately to every and any user wishes and needs within this virtual space. So the need for the traiditional architect to do "static" designs will be almost completely irrelevant... That is, in the metaverse.


But not in the real world, where archictecture will still be required (and if you ask me, more relevant than ever) and thus Archicad and the likes.


I do like the idea of all the models being in this virtual ecosistem, though. Maybe there will be many metaverses with specific goals and environments, or eventually just one (internet?) Which adapts to every requierement.


Edit:  after some more reading, whatever the outcome and final form this metaverses take, and irrespective for the need of architecture in the physical world, i think its not optional for any 3d modeling software company to hop into this, including Graphisoft



Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner

Awesome, looking forward to 40 years of under development and a metaverse that has lots of functions that users don't want!😁

dont be silly 😀    Builders are using Archicad, and they need Architects like another hole in the head.  I wish Archicad as Builder Software created by, and for Builders.   

ArchiCAD 25 6000 USA - Windows 10 Pro 64x - Dell 7720 64 GB 2400MHz ECC - Xeon E3 1535M v6 4.20GHz - (2) 1TB M.2 PCIe Class 50 SSD's - 17.3" UHD IPS (3840x2160) - Nvidia Quadro P5000 16GB GDDR5 - Maxwell Studio/Render Multilight 2 - Adobe Acrobat Pro

I certainly like their objective for golbal control of all "Standards" being channeld into the Metaverse where it belongs.  


ArchiCAD 25 6000 USA - Windows 10 Pro 64x - Dell 7720 64 GB 2400MHz ECC - Xeon E3 1535M v6 4.20GHz - (2) 1TB M.2 PCIe Class 50 SSD's - 17.3" UHD IPS (3840x2160) - Nvidia Quadro P5000 16GB GDDR5 - Maxwell Studio/Render Multilight 2 - Adobe Acrobat Pro


Hello everyone! I'm a 5th year architect student from belgium and I'm writting my final thesis about Architecture in the metaverse. I've made a lot of research about the topic of course and also read this thread and wanna thank you for sharing your opinions. 

In the first part of my thesis, I've come to the conclusion that metaverse worlds as they're build now like Decentraland, The Sandbox etc aren't really relevant for architect because of their blocky, mindcraft-like visuals due to the fact they need to be opensource websites for everyone to join.

I'am sure that we're not so far in time from some much more realistic and interesting metaverses but as of right now, projects like ViceVerce from BIG in Decentraland are a bit deceiving.


But projects like the Mars House have proven that architects already have the opportunity to create for virtual realms. Even tho it's not actually the metaverse, it's meant to be in the metaverse in a few years and we can already embrace the opportunity. 


I'm about half way through my thesis and after that first part, I want to talk about how to create a successfull architecture in the metaverse as of now. What are the main points of emphasis to create a virtual house? And the opportunities for architects

I'm open to talk about basically anything. Here are some creterias I wanna talk about : 

Immersivity : How to create an envirronement that is fully immersive (self consciousness, light, surrounding sounds, etc ..)

Type of architecture that would thrive in a virtual world : Parametric architecture seems like the way to go, and why stay static when you can create moving architecture

Creating a whole experience instead of just a building (like the Mars House developping a relaxing realm with changing lights, music etc)


Do you guys see anything else? Thanks for reading this 😉

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