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Hello. We have a problem. Due to war with russians our team member lost a computer (and apartment with home office obviously too) with all original data in .pln, .pla, .pdf, etc. Now we have only .BIMx crap of a model. We are trying to return to work on that project but cant get anything useful from such model. Not even a plan? Hey, it cant be true, right? Any help would be great.

Karl Ottenstein

BIMx is a viewer for a uniquely exported model format.  If there is any hope of converting that data back into something editable, you would have to contact your Graphisoft support directly to see if they have any capability to do that internally.  I doubt that there is any way to get a .pln back - but maybe a 3D DWG if limited-property IFC is possible.


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Well. This BIMx format looks like superglued **beep**. Absolute frustration (T__T)

And no way to get a linear plan? Even some ortagonal non-perspective view of a model from above? Is it not possible to translate geometry somehow into something simple like .obj or separate polygons, triangles? I don`t care about .pln or .pla or any civilized format actually to work with like nothing happened, but anything?

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