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Complex Profile in Plan

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I have created a complex profile for a foundation with a knee wall (image 1). Image 2 shows how the foundation in plan with the footer shown with continuous lines. However, I want the footer to be dashed lines as shown in image 3. Is there a setting that shows the footer as dashed lines if the footer is part of the same complex profile?
Barry Kelly
So long as your wall is displayed as "Projected" or "Projected with Overhead" and the footing part is below the Floor Plan Cut Plane, then you can set the 'Uncut' line type of the wall to a dashed line.

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"footing part is below the Floor Plan Cut Plane..." and the wall is always cut by said FPCP otherwise it will mess you up if in some other drawing you are viewing the wall from above in the case of things such as retaining walls...

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... and then you need Graphic Overrides.

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Thanks. It worked.