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Creating a publisher set with changed sheets only?


I want to create a publisher set that includes all sheets with the current change manager revision. For example, I have 100 sheets of which 30 include areas that are clouded and tagged delta 5.

I want an automated way to select only those 30 sheets for printing.

The way I am doing it now is to

Manually scroll through the list of sheets in the change manager

click/drag those sheets into a publisher set using the Organizer. Please tell me there is a better way.

Sort of related, would be a way to create a publisher set based on a sheet index “schedule” So, perhaps the first question is, is there an automated way to create a publisher set?


@meyre76 Blimey, you like doing things the hard way!

Short answer, there are functions to publish only changed drawings. AC is very powerful when it comes to publishing and it is worth taking time to read up on how it works in conjunction with the use of Transmittals.

Depending on your output. you could get away with a single Publisher Set. Which will allow you to publish the Full Set / Selected or just changed drawings.

Try these help links...


Revision Management 

Sorry, but it isn't a short answer that could be given in a forum post.

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