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Cut Walls on Floorplan as is (in 3D views)


Archicad uses the ‘symbolic view’ (or the ‘projected’ view with or without overhead or ‘cut only’) for walls on Floorplans. I’d like to see they add a view called ‘as is’ (or something similair) which show horizontal wallcuts the way they really are as cut by the ‘Floor plan cut plane’. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), just like the cut plane in a 3D view. This Should be default.

(and when you want a different view setting for the wall THEN You choose the ‘symbolic’ setting etc. 

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Unfortunately, this not available for Walls. There are several element types (Roof, Shell, Curtain Wall, Column, Beam) that show true 3D projection in their Floor Plan representation, but not the Wall tool yet. There have been many wishes about this, we all hope this will be implemented soon rather than later.

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You can do this using the 3D projection settings by selecting the the parallel projection, top view option. Cut your plan in 3D and then open 3D projection settings, then select the parallel projection option / top view. You may have to rotate the view to get the orientation you want. Once configured to your liking you can then create a 3D document for notes, dimensions, etc. I like to use this for roof and site plans b/c, as you write: you are getting exactly what the model gives you in a view that can then be formatted, noted, etc. If you look up Jared Banks' tutorials on youtube he has one on configuring 3D document settings for clean looking black and white 3D document views.

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