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Cut elements on layer set to wireframe view disappear in elevation




I have some wall elements in a model that are visible in an elevation view set to wireframe, but only if they are not cut through.  I need to see the cut edges as well as the uncut edges.  


I've tried changing the wall from a Basic structure to a composite, changing the layer, altering the surface, building material, etc.  I've checked renovation status, elevation settings, and graphic overrides.  The walls become visible if I change the layer setting to solid instead of wireframe.  They also visible as I would like to see in a section view from the same location using wireframe for their layer.  Are their Elevation settings for elements on a layer set to wireframe?


Please see attached screen shots: The red planes are the walls I am referring to (they are for permitting purposes only, delineating building setback planes within which the building must mostly fit). Their thickness is only 1/2" so that it reads as a plane--changing thickness doesn't help.




Archicad 24