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Datasmith link from Archicad not syncing to Twinmotion


Hi there,

In the middle of a project and my Archicad 25 file will not sync with my Twinmotion file.

The Twinmotion file is already set up and has been worked on a couple of months ago, I have made some tweaks to the Archicad file and would like to resync to change a couple of things.

When I click the sync button in Archicad, it comes up with "Direct Link Processing" like it is syncing but when it is finished, the changes from Archicad don't come through.

Has anyone else had this problem? Help much appreciated.



Benjamin Dani


I'm very sorry to hear about this issue!

I advise to check not only if Twinmotion is up to date and that you are using the latest version of the Twinmotion plug-in, but check also Windows for updates.
It is worth it to check as well if any Firewall or Anti-virus program is blocking the connection between Archicad and Twinmotion.
Also, something else important to know is that Twinmotion needs to be opened at least once before trying to do a synchronization.

I hope it helps you solve the problem!

If the issue persists with everything up to date and unblocked, I'd like to suggest to reach out to your local support since it might need some further investigation. Please make quick video footage, if possible, so that support can take a look, showing the issue itself and the plugin version number found in the “About” under the Twinmotion menu inside Archicad.

Kind regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer




I have the same issue, I checked all the updates and everything is up to date.

This has happened already to me, I ended up setting another Twinmotion, but is a loss of time.

I hope this can be fixed ASAP.




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