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Different floor plan display for different views

Howen Chang

Hi community,


I'm very new to ArchiCAD and are now building my own template for office use


The problem that I've encountered now is that I can't manage to have different floor plan display for different views, which prevents me to achieve some automated stuff that I would like to have


Let me explain this 


The things that I want to do is to set up views for general plan which will be used for Development Application also views for construction drawings which could be send to builders / trades


As shown in below first floor plan, I want the ground floor deck to be visible in first floor as well so I set the element's display to be ALL STORIES. That will be suitable for general submission for Development Application


First Floor Plan - General.jpg


But when I want to generate first floor concrete set-out plan for the builder, I only want the slab from the home story to show, which I can't manage to do that with the element's display setting to be All Stories


First Floor Plan - Concrete outline.jpg

I've tried to change the Floor Plan Cut Plane, but seems like the element's display setting has a higher priority than the floor plan cut plane setting.


I'm not sure if I misunderstood the logic of this or if their are alternatives to achieve the same result that I wish to build


Thank you all in advance for providing the solutions!



A long time problem with tool consistency in AC... Can you use a Zero Degree roof instead?


Lingwisyer_0-1679037113046.png Lingwisyer_1-1679037132377.png


This will allow you to use the Floor Plan Cut Plane settings to modify the visibility to the deck above.






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Hi Ling,


thanks for the reply, yeh that way it works but if there are more objects that need to do the same thing then will be a nightmare though


wish AC can fix this 😑

Karl Ottenstein


There are often cases where a single view cannot show what you want in unique cases.  A very old trick is to “stack” multiple views on top of each other in a Layout to get the desired result, if the available tools can’t give the exact result desired.


In your example, you could creat a view of the ground floor that just shows the bits that need to be seen in the final drawing.  The view of the first floor would show what needs to be seen from there.

The key/trick to aligning the drawings generated from these two views exactly on top of one another on a layout is to use the Hotspot tool to place a snap-able hotspot at some arbitrary but common x,y coordinate in the model on every story.  (Simply copy the hotspot from one story and paste onto every other story to get it in the same spot on each story.  I often just put the hotspot on my project North symbol as a common location.) You will be able to drag a placed drawing on the Layout by that hotspot and snap it to the corresponding hotspot on the other plan drawing to perfectly align them. 

Both (or as many as you need) drawings, being generated from Views, are live and updated as the model is updated so that the resulting composite drawing is also always up to date.


Again, this is not a recommended “normal” procedure, but one to be considered when all other avenues prevent you from obtaining the desired drawing from a single View.  An example is split level construction, where the inability of the Floor Plan Cut Plane (FPCP) to have vertical steps, similar to the horizontal steps possible with sections, makes it impossible to get the desired plan drawings in many cases,

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Hi Karl,


thank you so much for sharing the tip, I guess I will do in this way for now to see how it works, still wish ArchiCAD can update it in their future release though

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