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Dimensioning issue with Composite Walls

Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Affected version: 22 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 247461, 248282


When migrating a project to ARCHICAD 22 Build 3004, in Composite Wall corner situations Dimensions placed to one layer of the composite might jump to another layer of the composite.


The Dimension value correctly represents what the dimension line shows. It remains intact, associative and can be moved back to the intended composite layer just like any other Dimension.

The issue happens most frequently when the Core Faces setting is used in the Automatic Dimensioning tool (Document/Annotation/Automatic Dimensioning):


New Dimensions placed with the Automatic Dimensioning in ARCHICAD 22 Build 3004 may have the same issue - e.g. instead of the structural core an outer layer is dimensioned.


In ARCHICAD 22 (Build 3004), when walls are selected,  the composite wall junctions are displayed according to skin priorities instead of mitered, to correctly represent the selected element. (See more information under Priority-Based Selection Highlights of Walls on Floor Plan.) An unwanted side-effect of this change is that in specific situations, the dimensioned corner points will move.


GRAPHISOFT has fixed this issue by reverting the Wall corner connection display to its v21 state. The fixed version (Build 3006) is available for download from here.

For users who already installed ARCHICAD 22 (Build 3004) an Update is also available through ARCHICAD's Check for Updates funtion and can also be downloaded from here.

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