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I know how to create a radial dimension on a circle having done this in 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9; but have just spent the most frustrating hour trying to create a radial dimension of a circle in 10.

If I make the circle into a slab, it will create a radial dimension. If I leave the circle as a line, it will not create a radial dimension. I do not want a slab on my drawing, I want a circle and I want it to have a radial dimension.


… and I want it now!

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Here's the deal. On my Mac, in ArchiCAD 10, the radial dimension thingy works fine.

You have to know that it automatically dimensions to the extent of an arc. With the radial dimension tool active, just click on the arc, then double click where you want the dimension string.

Proof attached.

But since I never used this tool before, I discovered that it isn't so easy - my intuition failed me. It DID take several tries.
Dwight Atkinson

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I believe he is looking for a radial dimension, not circumferential. But the radial dimension seems to work fine on arcs for me.

Radial schmadial.
Dwight Atkinson

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Graphisoft Partner
Still works fine here too. You sure you're not getting your arc mixed up with a spline? Can't radially dimension those AFAIK, but a slab made from one will because it is created by segments based on your magic wand settings.


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