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Dimensions- Project Preferences


I can not seem to add any new Dimension preferences . 

Every time i start modifying a dimension preferences instead of converting to "custom" it jumps to my preference called "1/64"

the "1/64" I believe is the issue I am assuming it is because of the "/" in the name that is causing the issue but I can not delete or rename this preference.

Please help!



Gerry Leonor

did you remember to store/save the updated setting after you made the changes?

because it shouldn't say "custom".

also, there doesn't seem to be an issue with the slash character when it comes to naming a Dimension Preference



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hmm there must be something corrupting my template because when I go back to an early version I can create a new dimension style.... weird....

It seems, I have the same problem. Recently  I've upgraded from AC22 to AC25 and I can not save changes in dimension preferences styles. The problem is with my old template, everything is ok if I start new file with standart template. Jen1, have you found the solution?

Hi. Recently  I've upgraded from AC22 to AC25 and I can not save changes in dimension preferences styles.  There is no more "Custom" and "Save as..." options when I change something, just my existing dimension styles. The problem is with my old template from AC22. Everything is ok if I start new file with standart AC25 template. Does anybody know the solution? Thank you!


Hi, custom is made when you change up presaved settings and that is when you get store as option. 


You can change existing dimensions in your new template, then they will appear as custom and then you can store them as something. 

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Thank you, mija. The problem is that there is no CUSTOM or STORE AS.. appearing when I start changing dimension settings.

Thank you, Barry. I've started new topic to receive sooner solution. Actually less people see comments to the older topics as I understood. Maybe I'm wrong - I'm new to the forum)).

this is exactly the issue I am having. A kind of work around I was able to do was I managed to override one of my other dimension styles... but only a temp solution.  I am thinking there must have been something in a recent Archicad update that didnt agree with a previous setting I have in my template. 

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