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Dimensions disappearing from plan

Anyone ever come across the issue where dimensions disappear?
It seems to be happening to one of our projects and the glitch seems to be when the dimensions are associated with columns.
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Good to know that they are working to fix it, but not sure what I'm supposed to do until then.


@TracyGA I solved it by going back to AC24 after firmly expressing my "disappointment" to GS. I appreciate for some that probably isn't an option and the best you can do is possibly share your concerns with your local GS Support to keep pressure on for getting it fixed. Perhaps someone from GS will step up to suggest a temporary workaround if you are stuck on AC25... @Minh Nguyen 


This thread may explain it a bit more... Archicad-25-Update-3011 

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I'm not sure if anyone has figured this out. I was consulting for a friend and I noticed this happened on Arch25.

My steps, although It's not guaranteed to always work was to close the file and then open it again. I wouldn't add or make any changes just noticed dims were gone so I closed the file, re-opened it, and suddenly all dims were back. Good Luck! Hope it helps!

Ivan Myers

I just started having this issue, working in AC25 and with the latest update.  When I open the file it goes to the floor plan and the Dimensions are there and then a split second later most but not all disappear.  Extremely frustrating, at first I thought it was something I was doing.  Is there a fix yet?


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So I figured out my issue.  If you place dimensions to the Core of walls with Model View options set to "Core Only" and then if you change your mind and want to show the wall skins in plan... Then the dimensions go away.  So make sure you are committed to the view settings before you place dimensions.  

Designer/ Drafter

ArchiCAD 26 on 27" Mac

Yes, that works great for framing plan views. To give the builder or contractor face of stud dimensions instead of exterior sheathing or interior finish.

I'm having this problem, even when I only have one setting for model view options in the project (so skin / core view options won't change). Problem occurs on AC25, with latest patches. Does not happen on Windows, only happens on Mac, tested on 3 Mac computers.

@PClarke & @Ivan Myers ,

You both mention Model View Options.

Dimension visibility has nothing to do with Model View Options.

It is the Partial Structure Display, of which there are 4 settings.

You must place dimensions for each one.

Switching PSD will turn off all of the dimensions and show only those placed while that particular PSD is active.



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Hello Barry, you are correct. I use a couple plugins on my computer at home which associate PSD with model view options, however the computers at the office don't have these plugins. The issue isn't to do with the plugin - it occurs only on the computers at the office which are Mac's and do not have these plugins. The computers in the office are patched up to date and only have the Graphisoft "accessories" plugins. All work on this project has been done on the Mac's in the office; I have only opened it up on my computer at home to try and figure out this bug, and I did not save the file on my home computer (so the plugins on my home computer won't come into play).


We are not changing the partial structure display settings / switching between them and dimensions are automatically being deleted. I originally thought the issue is to do with composites but it is also occurring when trying to dimension to other items - for example storey levels in elevation, and simple walls in plan.

If I change from one layout to another, and then back, dimensions in the original layout will be deleted.

This can be done on the exact same view, ie - placing the same view on two pages, go from one page to the next and then back, Archicad decides to delete dimensions. This happens in plan, section and elevation.

It won't delete dimensions if the reference point is the intersection between two walls, but it will delete dimensions to the core fill, corners and ends of walls.

I am having to place hotspots down and dimension to those because I can't have any confidence that Archicad won't delete dimensions unless the reference point is an intersection.


The problem occurs more regularly with composites but it seems to be happening with all wall types except complex profiles. I have only been able to replicate this problem on the Mac computers at work, it might happen on Windows, but I haven't been able to reproduce the same results on Windows computers.


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin


You should contact your local reseller with this issue, possibly send them files so they can help you solve this problem, or even escalate it to Graphisoft HQ if needed.

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