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Door Schedule / 3D View - Hide Door Handles / Show Leaf Only

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My primary goal is to create a door leaf type schedule, with a 3D view, but without door handles. My secondary goal is to have as few door leaf types as possible. Door frames are not required to appear in 3D, but I can live with them if it's not possible to hide them. I have hidden opening lines, and do not wish for operation type to be a factor on this schedule.

I have tried various scheme settings (3D front, 3D from Reveal, 3D from Opening Side, etc.) and applying a MVO (with door handles hidden in 3D) to the schedule View. It seems like my only two options are to use fills within the Annotations to hide the handles, or eliminate the door handles from within the door settings. However, it is not desirable to lose the door handles in other 3D views / elevations, so it looks like I will be forced to manually add fills.

Is there a better way to hide the door handles in the 3D view on the schedule?

Thank you, in advance.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
This is interesting because I was thinking that the "Door and Window Handles in 3D" button in the MVO Dialog should affect all Viewpoints based on 3D, including the 3D Viewpoint, Section/Elevation/Interior Elevation Viewpoints, and the 3D preview windows in Schedules.
But as it turns out, it has no effect in Schedules.
I don't know if this is a bug or a limitation, so I will let GS HQ know about it and let them give us the answer.
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