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Door won't render glass properly


I'm trying to create a model to export to Twinmotion.  Twinmotion applies materials to like materials (i.e. anything you say is Glass Type 1, gets the same material applied to it.  For some reason the door I'm using is not rendering out the glass as glass.  It's all one material.  I've tried the overrides, I've tried everything I know...any thoughts on what is causing this? 


Note in the photo that the windows are rendering correctly, but the door is monochromatic.



Just to provide further clues, this remains true for all doors that I insert.  But all windows render properly.


Check the level of detail parameter of your doors.

If they are set to "By model view options" check the MVO settings (see attach).

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey



It looks like the doors are using one surface for all parts. In the Door Settings, look at the Model pane, and see if it is set to Override Surfaces. If there is no Model pane in your Door Settings, go to Work Environment > Tool Schemes > Tool Settings Dialog Boxes > Door Tool and make the Model pane visible.


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