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Drawing title with Scale Bar UK


Wondering if anyone can help. The Local and Nation Validation guides for new planning apps changed on 1st June in Cornwall and now the Council are asking for Scale bars on all Plans (including elevations etc).


Is there a drawing title with a built in scale bar. I know the NCS has one in the USA however when I tried to download and open in in the UK it does not allow me to make certain changes ( remove Ciclre from the title line or amend the Title text style).


Thanks in advance.



you can use UKI Scale Bar from Archicad UK Essential Library (UAS and Forward subscription users). Although it is not part of the title block object it is easy to place anywhere on layouts. The library can be accessed from here:

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 14.14.07.png

Thank you - Yeah I already had that one - I was looking for a more permanent solution going forward - less clutter in the drawings that way.


@Rob , if you were to add a scale bar to a Drawing Title would you be using ac_drawingScale? Does that require split to be usable? Scale interval numbers by result (or unit length). Insert into text line if required. 

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Thank you @Rob  and apologies @Lingwisyer but I have no idea what any of that means haha. I have downloaded the American NCS Drawing title 22 and that has indeed go t the Scale Bar within the drawing title however it has limited commands. For some reason it does not allow you do the following:

- Remove the title Marker (Circle in this case)

- Alter the "Title Text Style" settings so they are locked as is

- Show Back Reference for the Scale Bar

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 09.20.04.png

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 09.19.58.png


yes, you would use ac_drawingScale. it is already formatted to string so you don't have to use any unit-to-string conversion. As far as I remember this string contains just the scale value, e.g. if the drawing uses 1:50 scale, ac_drawingScale contains string "50".. but I haven't checked it. Anyway, it is easy to find out... just use simple TEXT2 command.


Where or who could I go to to have the NFC. IFC File amended to add in my requirements, do anyone offer that as a paid service ?

Start a new thread here detailing what you need and ask anyone interested in creating this for you to contact you in PM. Hopefully, there will be a GDL developer who will be interested.

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