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Easily Create Composite Surface Texture just using Archicad

Haneef Tayob
One often needs to create composite image textures for say a wall with tiles up to a certain height and then paint for the remainder. The solution offered is to create the custom/complex fill in an external programme such as Photoshop and then apply this image as a surface.

Not many of us are skilled in Photoshop to accurately create such images. Other workarounds (interior wizard, custom profiles, etc) can also be tedious. Here's a quick way to do it accurately in Archicad:
Step 1 - Create the individual image fills
Step 2 - Create the desired module by assembling the various separate image fills (on a worksheet)
Step 3 - Export the composite image. Using the marquee tool, export to pdf/.png
Step 4 - Auto crop the image using an external image editor
Step 5 - Assign a new surface with the image.
Haneef Tayob
Aziz Tayob Architects
AC23 INT rel 3003, OS X 10.14.6 iMac 3.3ghz i5 dual monitor, 24GB RAM

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