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Editing Grids


Best Practice

Grids are best set before sharing the project. If it is necessary to edit a grid element, it is best to have all other users release their reserved elements and you reserve all of the elements in the project. If your organization is large you may wish to ensure no users can change the grid by removing the grid tool operations from the Site’s standard work environment scheme. This is done with each tool that allows the grid tool modification for instance in the below example the elevation tool has the grids tools access disabled.


Editing Grids in Teamwork


NOTE: The word “Section” in this document is understood to include Sections, Elevations and Interior Elevations.


When editing Grids in the Section window in Teamwork, certain procedures will require an extra reservation. Context-based pop-up bubbles will inform you of what to do as you work. The extra reservation is required in three cases, detailed below.


Editing Grids in Section

You can reserve a Grid element in Section with the usual reservation methods. However, even after reserving the Grid element, you cannot edit it until you also reserve it on the Floor Plan. The Info Tag notifies you of this if you try to edit a reserved Grid element in Section:
You must go to the Floor Plan and reserve the Grid element in question. Now you may edit it in Section as usual.
  • wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png
    NOTE: If you reserve and edit a Grid Element on the Floor Plan, the Section will be rebuilt as expected, including the Grid elements; no additional steps are necessary. Exception: If the Section is a Drawing-type Section, see Rebuilding a Drawing-Type Section


Editing Grid Dimension Lines in Section

If you reserve the Dimension line of a Grid element in Section, you can edit it as usual, provided that the Section you are working in is also reserved by you:
However, if the Section you are working in is NOT reserved by you, you cannot edit the Dimension line until you do reserve the Section:
In this situation, first reserve the Section, then edit the Dimension as usual.


Rebuilding a Drawing-Type Section

Before rebuilding a drawing-type Section (“Rebuild from Model”) that contains modified Grid elements, the program will check whether all such elements are reserved by you (otherwise, changes cannot be sent to the server). You receive the following message:
Click Reserve Elements from this Warning box to carry out the reservation. If reservation succeeds, the Warning box disappears. Then you must once again issue the Rebuild from Model command. The Rebuild is carried out and you are done. If some of the Grid elements are not reservable, you get the Reservation Results dialog box with feedback on which elements could not be reserved. Once you reserve the needed Grid elements, you can then Rebuild from Model without a problem.

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