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Embedding Fonts For PDF Exprot

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Correction: I Have concluded that the error came from using a pdf print driver that was not set to embedded fonts, apparently font embedding is automatic when publishing directly to pdf from archicad.
We are having an issue with the print house we are using to print our construction documents. The print house dose not have the fonts that we use in our title block resulting in our firms name printing in the wrong (and ugly) Font. The print house has suggested that we embedded our fonts into the pdf. I searched the archicad help and found the following:

ArchiCAD 11 New Feature List : PDF Export

PDF Export
Save as… PDF command available
High Resolution solid arcs/circles
Embedded Third Party font support
Enhanced gradient fill representation
For more information, see Save Document in PDF Format.

So my question is, How do I embed fonts? I cannot find an option box, and could not find a topic in the forum that answers this issue.
Thanks for you help
Are you using Amyuni for this?

Go to Control Panel > Printers & Faxes & right-click on Amyuni PDF Convertor. Choose Properties.

1. In the General Tab, click on
2. Printing Preferences button and then look in the
3. Advanced Options tab for
4. Embedding Options.

Have attached screenshots - hope they help.
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