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Floor plan cut plane and multiple buildings on a sloping site


I am working on a unit development. As per my usual practise I have the individual dwellings in their own pln file then a create a hotlink of each and import them into a 'master' pln where I create the site plan and do the terrain modelling etc. In this case there is about 4m height difference between the first and last building and no matter how much I play around with the floor plan cut plan I just can't find a setting that allows me to show all buildings with the correct cut showing windows and walls fills as they should. I could put them all on the same level and just treat it as a 2D site plan and calculate out all the earthworks and show them in 2D but I wanted to model the site for both accuracy and also so that I can share the model with the client.


Is there some way around this problem other than using composite walls set to symbolic cut? (I prefer and normally use complex walls).

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Split and stitch your site plan into multiple views with varying FPCP settings.

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Yes I guess this would work but it does make the documentation process more of a pain. I'll consider it though - thanks!

V12-V27, PC: Ryzen 9 3950X, 64g RAM, RTX5000, Win 11