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Graphic Overrides series: Structural Classification, by Josh Verran

Rubia Torres

Josh.gifWelcome to our series of articles from the One Override To Rule Them All challenge!

We invited some of the participants of the challenge to elaborate on their entries, share their workflows and tips&tricks.

Enjoy and feel free to start a thread in the Document & Visualize forum if you have any questions.

Let's learn how Josh Verran used the Property Manager to enhance Graphic Overrides capabilities.

In their template, Josh has a Graphic Overrides combination which empathises elements that are outside their normal structural design. The combination has two rules.


First Rule


The first rule has three lines of criteria. It filters to all 3D elements, then filters based on a Property. This property uses an “option set” which effectively has two values, something to the effect of “Specific Engineering Design (SED)” and “Standard (-)”. The rule filters to elements where this property is set to “SED”.


Structure to Red.png


Lastly, there’s an optional rule which we utilise entitled “Participates in Graphic Overrides”. This property uses an Option Set and allows multi-choice. The available options are plan types, e.g. Plans, Elevations, Sections, 3Ds etc. This enables users to simply exclude a particular element from a set of Graphic Overrides, by unticking a plan type, even though for all other intents and purposes it fits the criteria.


Participates in Graphic Overrides.pngProperty Dropdown.png


The Override Style is set to change the outline, background fill and surface to red. Even though the background fill cannot be seen in the image; this enables the plan view to display similarly to the 3D.


Second Rule


The second rule has a very broad criteria; All 3D Elements. The Override Style is set to change the outline, background fill and surface to grey.


3D to Grey.png


Final result



Get to know Josh Verran:


Josh has been in the practice of Architectural Design in New Zealand since 2005. He worked on Working Drawings and Documentation as an Architectural Technician for the first couple of years. Fast-forward to 2022, Josh is now a certified BIM Manager by Graphisoft.
"The more I got my head into Archicad, and with the encouragement and support of my workplace, I started to follow a natural curiosity in technology and systems, which led me to the position of BIM Manager."



Bay of Plenty, New Zealand



Josh is part of the Creative Space Architecture team - you can check their work here;

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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