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Hide text Area Fill in some views

Marcus Trimble
Is there a way to hide/turn on and off area fills for certain views?

We have a project with a large number of area fills and it would be good to be able to export a clean plan without the areas.

I know that we could use zone stamps, but I am interested to know if it is possible with fills.
ArchiCAD 19 (6006)
OS X 10.11.4
Gerald Hoffman
AFAIK there is no way to have different view options that would turn fill areas off/on. Perhaps the easiest way would be to just select all the fills and duplicate them. Have one set showing areas and the other not. Put them on different layers and create the 2 views you want with the different layers.

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Marcus Trimble
Yep, this is our workaround at the moment.
ArchiCAD 19 (6006)
OS X 10.11.4

Just digging up the tread from 2016.

Is there perhaps a better solution for this yet?


Following the described method means I'll have to keep on making duplicate changes to the duplicated fills.

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Use an autotext label in a layer that can be turned off as needed.

The fill layer can remain on and the label layer can be turned off.



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