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Hiding Detail / Worksheet Boundary Line


Hi All,


When creating a detail or a worksheet from a floorplan, a dashed boundary line is placed at the marker range boundary. 

I swear I had seen an option in the past to turn this off, but can't find it.  Was I imagining this?


I can't even see what settings actually dictate the boundary line being drawn to be able preset it as a white or invisible linetype.


We are using worksheet to create room layouts (about 100-200), and the addition of that line is affecting the visual output of the drawing, so needs to be removed (refer snip below).  We currently doing it manually, but it's a massive timesink as it keeps adding it everytime we rebuild from source.

I attempted to use a GO to hide it, but it seems GO's don't actually play properly with details or worksheets. 🤦‍♂️







AC13 - AC23.7000 / AC26.4019 | Python, GDL, VBA, PHP, SQL, CSS
Certified Graphisoft BIM Manger (2022)
Win 10, i9-9900K, 32GB, Quadro P2200, 500GB NVMe

Hi Roland, thank you very much for your response. My clients are primarily using PC or Mac desktop.

UPDATE: OK, I have been playing around with the new Bimx update and have got the settings to be where they need to be:

Invert axis in settings

Turn on joystick

Hide Cursor


Thanks you for including the invert axis in settings , very much appreciated.

I would highly recommend just simply creating a Flythrough mode as in AC, for the sake of my clients sanity.


*original message deleted





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