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How can I read the grid name by using label tool? or using custom GDL label to read?

William Yan

Hi guys! I am thinking to read the Grid element's name with Label tool.

but I can't get it. Did anybody know this? THank you!


AC 26 5002 CHI, Windows 10


Labeling Grid lines is not officially supported, but it works.

Grids are just objects, their GLOB_ELEM_TYPE will yield "1" (=object), so they are not really first class members.

Anyway, since it's an object, you can just do

request('ASSOCLP_PARVALUE', 'AC_MarkerText_1', index, type, flags, dim1, dim2, AC_MarkerText_1)

and "AC_MarkerText_1" will have the grid's name.

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@runxel  I see a solution to cropped grid lines on my to do list 👍

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

For me it is hard to understand and use these GDL code, But I will try! Thank you!

AC 26 5002 CHI, Windows 10


Another workaround is to name the Grid 'Element ID' the same as the Grid number or letter.


Go to Grid Element Selection Settings -> Classification and Properties -> ID (set to A, B, 01 etc. to match the grid name).


Then you can label the grid using the 'Element ID' autotext with either a pointer as you have shown or save as a custom label with circle/fill/autotext to match the grid heads.


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William Yan

I worked out. Although there are few more questions in my head, I made a label to read the text of the axis. Thank you.😁

AC 26 5002 CHI, Windows 10

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