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How do I change perspective flythrough speed on macOS / changes to customised work env


Hello, long time Archicad user here. I have started a new job and unfortunately I have to use macOS. This throws up hundreds of problems everyday. I've listed some of the most pressing issues that are preventing me from being able to work efficiently.


1.  One issue I can't resolve is the perspective fly-through speed.

For no reason the perspective fly through speed has gone to zero and I cannot edit it.

There doesn't appear to be a button shortcut which I can assign to this. I have tried various "zoom" shortcuts and assigning different buttons, on Windows this is an instant fix. On macOS it does nothing. Is there an assignable shortcut / button on macOS to control the flythrough speed?


2. Cannot assign magic wand to space bar. There seem to be a whole lot of macros on Mac which just don't work. Does anyone know why space bar can't be assigned to magic wand on Mac?


3. Escape button doesn't work half the time. This one I don't know if anyone can help me with, but the Esc key just doesn't work half the time when it should - I can't use it to close a fly through, I can't use it to cancel, I can't use it to do around half of the functions it should work with in Archicad.


4. Keyboard macros just change for no reason. I will save a customised work environment, keyboard shortcuts, go home and then the next day all my settings are stuffed around with. This seems to have something to do with macOS updates even though its not updating. I know for a fact no one is touching the computer, and I am setting the keyboard shortcuts / work environment settings correctly and saving them. When loading a file it will show the correct user preference settings loaded but these don't come into effect until I re-load the settings.


All of these issues seem to be due to having to use macOS, unfortunately I can't change this. I would in a heartbeat if I could. Does anyone have solutions / know the cause of these issues?


I was using a Mac keyboard but I have replaced it with a cheapest keyboard I could find that cost basically nothing but works 100 times better than the Mac keyboard.

Same deal with the mouse, replaced with a mouse with a scroll wheel and actual buttons.

I've tried plugging in the original Mac keyboard / mouse and these don't resolve the button issues - fly through speed, space bar, escape button, keyboard macros changing.

This shouldn't effect anything but being a Mac, plugging in head phones will probably delete my projects so it wouldn't surprise its something to do with the keyboard / mouse.


Using Archicad 25 up to date, and a Mac 27 in 5k i9.






Hello Mikas, I had to wait until I was back in the office to get the specs.

Its i9 10900K, 60gb DDR4, RX5700 XT GPU, not sure what the storage is, it just says 500GB flash (so I guess 500gb SSD). The Mac boots normally from the SSD.


The screen is 5k 27 inch Retina display, and its connected to another monitor. The second screen is a 27 inch 2560 x 1440 resolution apple Thunderbolt Display.

I've tried unplugging the second screen and still had the same problems, but there might be a setting I need to change for the removal of the second display to take effect.


We are using the latest version of Monterey and its being updated to Monterey 12.4 tonight.


I am using a windows PC at home with similar specs, i9 10900K, 64gb DDR4, NVIDIA 2070 TI and it runs everything much, much, much faster - like the difference is 10 to 30 fps on the Mac (sometimes less than 1 fps) vs over 300 fps on the PC on the same file.

I am using 2x 4k displays at home so the resolution difference should not be significant;

altogether the resolution is 18.43 million pixels on the Mac and 16.77 million pixels on the PC.

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