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How to change the dimensioning units by view

Szabolcs Miko
Is it possible to set two dimensioning methods in ARCHICAD in one project?
- asked on Facebook
This question can be interpreted many ways, let's summarise what we know about dimensioning, what we can and can't do.

Setting up the units in the project

First of all, it is important to be aware of the difference between Working Units , Dimension Preferences and Calculation Units.
  • Working units are what you see during input
  • Dimension Preferences are specific settings for dimension elements independent from the Working units (you can have Metric system for input but show dimensions according to the imperial unit system)
  • Calculation Units define measurements, calculations and schedules
These can be found under Options/Project Preferences

Setting up View based dimensioning preferences

The View Settings dialog includes an option specific to the dimensioning rules of the View.
In the dropdown menu, we can choose from the previously defined and the customised Dimensioning rules.

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