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I want to put it in by slab core thickness. in the structural plan

in the structural plan
I want to put a different fill in each of the slab core thickness 150mm, 210mm, etc. How to do it in Graphic override Combination?




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I would approach this by making a graphic override rule for each thickness of slab you want to differentiate. Use criteria settings in the G/O rule settings to differentiate between them using e.g their composite names or element ID's - I don't think you can filter  by core thickness. Then set the overrides for fills how you would like them. 

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I have to turn on cover fill.
It can be used only by setting cover fill in all slabs that do not use tiles.
Is this the way you say it?



I have to use ^^


I have a feeling it's not this way.
1. Selecting an element and setting it up means that if the condition changes, you have to manually change it again, so I think it's the same as putting in manual fill.
2. For all slabs that should not use cover fill, it can only work if the setting is turned on, or do I have to do the double work of manually selecting and turning on cover fill?

Is there really no other way?


Is there any way I can change the GOC of the slab with one condition such as ID without turning on the cover fill?

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I have done this with colors. You set up a graphic override using ><= parameters for thickness. Slabs of exactly certain measure go with =, etc.

You set up a color for each one, and thats it, it all updates automatically.

Dont forget to turn on cover fill for the slabs.

I would recommend doing a special layer combination for this plan, along with a special partial structure display.

Using all this (and special graphic overrides for each type of plan) you can control in which plans you show the cover fills and other in which you dont.


Yes it seems the slabs must have cover fills turned on in their own floor plan settings in order for the graphic override to work. However once this is on you can apply graphic overrides as you wish. 

Archicad 23 Solo, Dell Precision 5540, Windows 10 Pro, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz, 32GB RAM

I would like to know the GOC.
1. Should the cover fill of the slab be turned on?


Do you turn on the cover fill of all slabs and work?

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Technically you should turn on the cover fills of the slabs you want your graphic override to work on.  


For Slab which you don't usually want to have a Cover Fill showing, you can always set it to use a Background Fill set to Pen 0 (transparent).




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thank you
1. You must set the cover fill to the element
2. Use GOC
I understood.

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