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ID Label Grey out after Updating Library

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I update my library to the last USA Update for AC 19 (Update 4554) And now Two labels are not working, I still don't know what else is not working but this is affecting me right now cause I use then every time.
Is someone else having this issue? Is there a way to downgrade the Library? I already restart the computer, archicad and everything and nothing yet.

The Labels that are already in use in the projects are working good, but I can't copy then or use the dropper to do another.

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Ok, I'm sorry It is working now, I really don't know how, probably it star working because I post it here

Thanks Anyway!

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Hello, I'm posting this info here just in case someone encounter this issue,

I really don't know what happens that time, but I learn that these two labels are greyed out when you are using the Independent method for the label, this is because these labels are meant to be used as dependent of the Element, because they call upon an Element info, so you have to use the associative method to use those two labels.

Even Though I think that GS should add the ability of changing the Label type from the setting dialog or let us select any label we want and change the method automatically. So far this is only possible in the info box, and I know that this is consistent with all other tools, that the geometry method only appears in the info box, but they might make an exception here, like they did with the Shell tool, because in others tools you can set everything you need in the setting dialog and then select any geometry method you want, but this is not true for the label tool. Anyways, I think that the Label tool is great it helps me a lot in documentation.

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