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Interior Elevations-cabinet swings and carcass shown dashed

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Hi All,

I'm working on interior elevations at the moment, and I'm wondering if there's a way to use the standard archicad library to produce interior elevations that show door swings of cabinets, and outlines of shelving shown dashed.
Please see the attached: The image on the left is straight from the model - I've used a standard archicad kitchen cabinet with doors. The right image is what I'd like to achieve - dashed cabinet door swings, and dashed outlines of the carcass behind.
I'd prefer to not have to draw these on manually if possible. Any suggestions?

Barry Kelly
I don't think you can with the standard Archicad objects (but I don't use these so can't say for sure).

You have some control with the Australian Essential library but not for the dashed door swings - I think they are always solid (see attached image).
If you have a subscription for your license you will have access to the Aus Essential library through Graphisoft Australia.

Otherwise it is possible but you need to use objects that have these options scripted in.
I can't recommend any in particular as I have created my own.
Even then my door swings are solid.

CADimage maybe - they usually seem to have decent objects and you can trial them for free.

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