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LAYOUT trace reference scale issue

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Hello fellow archicad users.

I have encountered a problem, that originates from the issue, that you cannot schedule objects in layouts.

I need to annotate my interior elevation drawings, that are on layouts. Information in form of labels will originate from objects with custom properties,so in order to schedule the objects and change the information in bulk, the objects need to be in plan.

So my idea was to trace reference my layouts in plan view and annotate everything in plan view. But trace reference scale is controlled by views placed in the layouts, all layouts have many views inside them, and i cannot figure out how to control the trace reference scale efficiently..

So any ideas, how to solve this? All help appreciated!
Eduardo Rolon

You should not be annotating in Layouts, this will eventually cause a lot of workflow problems specially the one you are experiencing about Labels, besides.

The objects on plan should be "real 3D Objects" so that you can link Labels in regular Elevations and Sections. One thing you might try if "Custom Properties" are needed just use a Morph or a regular object in a "Wire Frame" Layer, or with a "White Pen" so that it is invisible when it prints.

If you need multiple type of labels then you can control them using Layer Sets.
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