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Label number of risers per flight


I'm trying to set up some stair drawings and I would like as much as possible to be automatic.


I'm using labels to indicate the flight number and would like to show the number and height of risers per flight. The stair is modelled as a U-shape so there are two flights per element.


If I link the label to the flight structure itself I can show the flight ID using autotext but not the riser information. If I link the label to the whole stair element I can show only the total number of risers and their height. Also, I can only show the whole stair element ID and not the flight ID.


Is what I want possible? I tried to create a custom property but it seems to be the same problem with the stair structure not knowing how many risers it has.


Screenshot to help explain:


Capture d’écran 2021-10-28 à 08.17.09.png

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