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Lag while dimensioning

Hello there.

Has anyone experienced a significant lag while dimensioning objects ?

I get a 1 second lag after clicking each node and it's almost impossible to double-click to end the dimension string. 

I am on windows 21H2, very good computer specs. This doesn't happen if I open the file on another computer.


arch. ernest atanasiu
AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10/ Win 11

I had this experience last week while trying to dimension storey levels in sections / elevations. Annoying.

Think Like a Spec Writer
AC4.55 through 27 / USA AC27-4060 USA
Rhino 8 Mac
MacOS 14.2.1
David Maudlin

ernest atanasiu:


Here is another post about a similar issue: Sizing running slowly.



David Maudlin / Architect
Digital Architecture
AC27 USA • iMac 27" 4.0GHz Quad-core i7 OSX11 | 24 gb ram • MacBook Pro M3 Pro | 36 gb ram OSX14

I found the guilty object: it's a morph of a bicycle track. When I save it as an library part it's only 1372 polygons and still makes dimensions lag.

How can I optimize this ? 


Screenshot 2022-10-21 164138.png

arch. ernest atanasiu
AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10/ Win 11

Sorry to revive this post, but how did you know that specific morph was causing the problem. We have a similar issue where the dimension tool is lagging.

Robert J. Garand
ArchiCAD USA 27-Build 5001 USA FULL
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