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Modify Zone Stamp Area Suffix

kevin b

I use Zone Stamp 02 25 because it has all of the functionality I need except for one thing; I need to change the suffix on the Area for certain documents. I need it to read "12,345 DGSF" as opposed to "12,345 sq ft" and I thought there used to be a way to change that globally but I can't seem to find it anywhere so maybe I am remembering that wrong. In any event I found a way (Multiple Area Units in Zone Stamps - Graphisoft Community) to use the Property Manager and expressions to show the area and get the suffix to change but it seems to have broken the digit grouping in the number, so I get "12345 DGSF" without the thousands comma. I would assume because the expressions have turned into a string so it doesn't know its a number to stick the comma in. So is there another way to get a different suffix or is there a way to get the area in the expressions to understand its a number and needs the comma?

kevin s burns, AIA

massachusetts, usa

AC25 (1413), since AC6

Windows 10

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Barry Kelly

I am not familiar with that zone stamp so I can't help there.

But in 25 you can use labels with zones.

There is a specific 'Zone Label 25', but I don't thing you can change the units suffix (you can change the units).

However you can create an auto-text label that show exactly what you want.

Save that as a favourite and then you can set that you be used with the zone tool.

You can have many favourites so you can have many label contents.

So apply the favourite in the zone tool before you place the zone, or you can edit the label after it is placed.

You can also have different labels in different views for different layer combinations and scales.

Not to mention you can label the zone in section too.



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Thanks for the reply. That does get me close to being able to get the info I want to display but I was hoping for a solution that would use the Zone Stamp so that I can add it to the thousands of existing zones I already have placed, and graphically it matches what's already in the system. 

kevin s burns, AIA

massachusetts, usa

AC25 (1413), since AC6

Windows 10

Intel Core i7 -8700 @ 3.2 GHz~ 16 GB ram

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