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Move elements from different Renovation Filters

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We have a 2story house with 4 different solutions in 4 different renovation filters - SOLUTION1, SOLUTION2 etc.

We would like to move the whole thing, all solutions together and reposition it.
We have a View Map with all Layers unlocked and Open, also renovation filter is set to Show All.
But its not working
Only one solution gets dragged, the others stay behind.

Is there a solution to this?

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I've been thinking a lot about optioneering lately. I have also noted in the past issues with dragging multiple elements.
I see revit has some OK methods but it will always be the bain of projects - change management.
I'd suggest abandoning the use of renovation filters in favour of separate files or modules created on negative storeys. That way you are able to drag a whole module (option) and even move them up and down. You can always freeze options, archive them and swap them as required.

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