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NEW: ARCHICAD Design | Views Tutorial Video Series

Eric Bobrow
I've just posted the first two videos in a new series of ARCHICAD tutorials:

You can download my ARCHICAD Design | Views Resource Pack - with over 100 elements including specially created linetypes, surfaces, building materials, composites and complex profiles, as well as Model View Options, Graphic Overrides and Favorites.

In this series, I show how to cleverly manipulate various settings to get a wide variety of effects, including:
  • Simplified and Sketch-style Drawings
  • Rendered Elevations and Site Plans
  • Brighter Lighting and Quick Ways to Try Out Different Surface Schemes
  • 3D Cutaways and 3D Documents
  • Quick Framing in 2D and 3D for Sections and 3D Views
  • Developing Your Design - Moving From Composites to Profiles
  • Progressive Detailing Using Profiles
The resource pack files make it easy to implement these methods; step by step instructions are included.
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