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No (auto) recovery file in Archicad 25?


Hello I'm new to this sub. So I have been using Archicad since 21 version and recently started using 25. However, two times when I've just been playing around (and not bothered that much about saving cuz im not really doing anything important) and my laptop froze andone time windows auto update, I realised the auto recovery(?) file isnt showing up, like for all versions up to 25, this has gone utomatically, so I wonder if there is any reason why it isn't working? I have tried to locate the auto save folder in the Graphisoft folder, it has folders with the date and time when the crash occured but no content. I have tried to force quit the program to see if there was a different between that and when the computer is acting up, but it wasn't. Anyone have any ideas? Trying to re-install now. (I have only used Archicad in school and recently some commercial, so I'm not really good at all the technical terms and etc. the autosave/auto recovery has worked perfectly in both versions so it seems like there must be something going on with 25?)


Eduardo Rolon

AFAIK (and I might be wrong) but Auto Recovery only works after your first save. If you start a brand new file from the template and never save it then it doesn't show. Also if you have more than one instance of AC running in order to see the auto-recover you need to quit then all and retart

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