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Opening object issues in renovation filters


Hi ! 

I have 40cm depth opening in the wall that needs to be filled from one side by 10cm new wall, like on 3d image.


But seems that I have hard time with renovation filters, in short, I see 2 ways to do that:


1) With two openings and new wall:
insert opening and set it "to be demolished status" then insert another copy of same opening in same place with "new construction" status, and only then insert 10cm wall with "new construction" status.


2)With two openings only:
Insert opening and set it "to be demolished status" then insert another copy of same opening but limited from one side.


in short both of those methods have their issues, see image:



existing plan is ok.
demolition plan is ok.


after demolition is not ok as it shows that strange line for second case, can't get rid of it, unless manually place a white solid on it.


change plan is kinda ok.
new construction is ok.


planned status is not ok for first case because wall is not connected, even though I have "do not connect" disabled in overrides. While second one is looks connected but that still has one big disadvantage, new wall is not a wall like selectable piece (like in first case), it is like not separately existing part of a wall.
So in case of one or several openings which for some reason needs to be filled, you will be not able to correctly schedule new walls as they are not created walls.


Is that a bug or it should be like on those pictures?

If someone can tell me correct way to do that I will be very grateful, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!