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Overhead LineType/Pen Settings


Simple question - 

How / where do I change the default overhead pen? Sometimes when I change an element to show overhead (eg. a roof tool modelled as a raked ceiling) it defaults to a pen with a heavy pen weight, which is not idea.


I can manually change it easily enough but it is not ideal to have to keep changing it from the default heavy pen to something more appropriate. 


I have looked in MVOs, Work Envinroment etc but I cannot find the settings where this should be changed. Can I change it? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




Barry Kelly

Change the tool default settings before you place the roof (raking ceiling).

Everything you place from then on will have the same settings.


If you want different settings for different roofs, then you start setting up 'Favourites'.

Then you simply activate the favourite to set the settings you require without having to do it all manually.



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Hi Barry,

I've got a pretty decent set of faves working already. If I understand your feedback correctly it seems I could have a favourite still in the system that has the wrong pen assigned to it. I'll have a look and see if I can find it again. (It usually happens on a project where the "quick fix" isn't to pause and make note of the element I have to change... 

Thanks for your speedy feedback. 



You can select multiple favourites (in the favourites pallet and right click -> edit) for bulk changes.


It only changes settings you modify (and leaves the rest as they were).


However export a copy of your favourites first though. I did this trick to a bunch of labels I had saved and they all adopted the same text even though I didn't modify that setting. Not sure of any other examples where that happens though.


And for extra credit you can change the floor plan display to overhead pick you pen and then go back to whatever setting you had (like symbolic cut or what-have-you) and it will hold that overhead pen type in the background. I try to set up my favourites by selecting options that give me access to further options that I can set too, so if someone is using the favourite and selecting those further option, then defaults have already been set... although it is very tedious.

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Hi JaseBee,


Thanks for sharing. Yes, I think it's a good idea to export anything you plan to modify just so you can always roll back your changes (or part thereof) if anything odd happens. 


I've set up favourites to reflect as many of the typical settings as I can, but I'll definitely look into doing the overhead background settings hold as part of refining my existing faves. Any secret things like that is gold. 


Thanks for sharing the hidden levels. 

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