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Placing drawings on layouts


Hello, hope everyone had a good weekend.


So, all of these years I have never found a satisfactory way to to place drawings on layouts... so I am finally asking what other ppl do and what is the best practice method.


The basic problem I have is that when I drag a drawing on  to a layout I have to spend time placing it in the correct centred position, resizing , moving the title header into correct position etc. For each and every drawing!

 Even when I have cells setup on the master template, the drawings seem to ignore the cells completly and land where ever I click on the layout.


I have taken to drawing lines outside of the master template to use as a guide so that drawings are consistentley  in the same position on each layout. I find this tedious and unsatisfactory.


Just wondering what other peoples method is.


And why my drawinsg seem to ingore the cells on the master teplate when dragged over?


Is there a way to set up hotspots so that I can drag drawings onto the same position on each layout each time?


How do I set a default drawing setting for new drawings to be placed onto a layout? That is, before they have even be placed I want a default in place that is automatically applied.


Any help much appreciated.



@Strawbale23 If your problem is with positioning plan views, my trick is to place a base plan e.g. ground floor and then drag the layout in Navigator to create a duplicate. If the View is set to use Drawings Internal Origin, you can then select the duplicate view and link it to a different story to get the new view in the same position as the ground floor.


Another way is to use another Layout sheet as a trace reference.


I also place hotspots on my Master Layouts to assist with general View placement and adjustments.


Hope those help.

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Like @DGSketcher says is what I also do I found it quite fast just set the base the do a drag copy of the layout (simply pressing CTRL+dragging the layout) then you will have a duplicate of that layout. Important part is setting up your view maps cause after that you can right click the drawing element then "Link drawing to..." the just browse to your view maps just make sure the saved view you unchecked the  "Ignore zoom and rotation when opening this view"

In the end what is your Objective?
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Thanks for your reply, I have started to use the hotpoints on the master layout as you suggest, although its a shame the drawings dont snap to the hotpoints. At least for me.


I will try the duplicate layout idea, though I dont know how to do that yet.


Thanks, I have never dragged  a copy of a layout before, or relinked it to another story, all new to me 🙂 Thansk for explaining this, very helpful.


Just tried your method of copying a layout and linking to a different story, works great ,thanks!


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