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Problem when Layouting

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Hello everyone!

So my uni group is coming to the end of a half-year long project and we're beginning to layout the final product. A problem has arisen:

In recent weeks I have dedicated my time to creating renderings and upon exporting them from Photoshop CC (Adobe), they were all the correct size (50cm x 22cm). When checking with the MacOS app Preview, everything was as it should be. Yet, upon importing these renderings to the archicad layout, suddenly these renderings were all too large -- and not even ten or five times as large... finally, we began adjusting the images by turning them into 25% of what they originally were. This is not an ideal solution and we would love for our drawings to be accurate -- especially when it comes to editing floor plans on photoshop and importing them back into archicad. In these cases they have to stay to scale.

Is there a solution for this problem?

thank you in advance!

Might this be a DPI issue? Where it is scaling up due to a reduced DPI in ArchiCAD? As an External Drawing you can change the scale percentage and DPI per inserted drawing. If the DPI of the drawing when you bring it into ArchiCAD is different to that of which you were working to in Photoshop, could you just scale it to match?


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To expand on Ling's comment. If you have the drawing tool DPI setting at another resolution that does not match PS then AC will change the image size to match. To fix this you can match the resolution in the Drawing Properties and the size should match, though it will say that it is scaled X% since I think that AC expects everything at 72DPI. There should not be any issues with this and the 72DPI setting just shows how old AC is.
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awesome! thank you! that worked!

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