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Problem with importing property values from excel (EDIT: kind of solved it but good to know)


EDIT...of course I managed to solve it as soon as I posted this but anyways I don't like the solution....I moved the ID column so that my first column is a property value...kind of a WO since I want the Element ID in the first column...any ideas? Did I get it correctly and this is how it's supposed to be?


Hi folks,

I've done this so many times before and now suddenly I have a Houston situtation in AC21.

I export a schedule w properties from Archicad as xlsx...add the values in excel and then import the xlsx back inte Archicad. This has worked flawlessly before but now the value from my first column propagates to all the other properties as seen in attach...instead of the values I entered in excel. Admittedly it was at least two years or more since I last did this manouver but I've used it successfylly many times on really big projects. Now suddenly I can't do it. Have I missed/forgotten something maybe?

When I create a blank file from template it works as it should,



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Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Dear Mats,


Thank you very much for sharing this issue and I am very sorry for the experience!


This seems to be a rare one, as I couldn’t find anything similar in our system. May I ask what are the A, B, C fields? Are they custom expressions? 

Also, I’m wondering whether this could be replicated on a brand new file? Does it happen on Archicad 24 SWE?


Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

Andreas _kerlund

Hi Mats!

I had a similar problem with the import of property values. Suddenly the function didn't work. First I thought i was the data types from Excel that didn´t match Archicad´s. Then I tried the suggestion in your post to move the parameters to the first spot in the schedule.

Then I found the solution: the layer of the objects I tried adding values to was hidden in the schedule view. After I corrected the view everything worked as expected. 

Great function that the schedule takes layer settings in account but a nuissance when you forget about it 🙂

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Aha...My sometimes logic brains says the excel in/out/in is to write data in the AC database and should not be hindered by a hidden layer in a view...hmmm... well thanks to Jönköping for the heads up :).


AC 25 SWE Full

HP Zbook Fury 15,6 G8. 32 GB RAM. Nvidia RTX A3000.
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