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Processing Elements problems

Jim Bob

The model I have been working on in Archicad 25 is not that big and is not that complicated.  When I open it the message that appears reads “Generating Section/ Elev.”  and “1 | Processing Elements”  This does not ever complete.  Same thing if I can get the 3D view to open- the spinning wheel keeps spinning and nothing ever opens.  Thinking that I might have inserted a corrupted object or done something wrong, I went back to the original file, saved as and started again.  Soon, I started getting the same message.  Now, I  have to Ctrl Alt Delete to close the file.  Any suggestions for how to fix this?


Have you got a rogue element that is far from

origin or far from the rest of the data? Have you tried open and repair the file?

Lee Hankins
ArchiCAD 4.5 - Archicad 27UKI Apple Silicon 5003
macOS Ventura (13.5.2)


Have you done a polygon count?

If more than 7 million with average hardware it would be challenging to calculate.

If not, I guess there is a corrupt object, I would get rid of those objects to see what happens. Does your elevation show a lot of railings? A faulty SEO perhaps, etc. I wish I can help you, but without specifics is hard to guess, but if you set all layer priorities to 0 in layer combinations, you’ll be able to see the model without any problems. AC will not calculate its connections.

Best of luck,


ArchiCAD 26
MacOS Monterey
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64 GB

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Hello Jim,


Thank you very much for the question!


From my experience, the issue may come from a very complex profile, or too many unnecessary intersections in the file. As others suggested, checking the number of polygon and reviewing the SEO connections is a good start. Furthermore, we have this article which will help you to go through each category one by one on your own to troubleshoot the problem: How to Optimize Your Project Performance


But if these don't work, I suggest reaching out to the local support for a deeper look into the project.


I hope this helps you with the case. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

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