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Properties GUIDs change During Import/Export


Do the internal GUIDs of properties changes during Import/Export? Seems to me like they do.


I have a graphic override that recognises the GUID of a property in text content, however when transferring graphic overrides and properties over to a new project the override rule no longer works. Upon further investigation the GUIDs of the property in question seems to have changed.


Other references to the property remain intact across projects (scheduling, favourites ect.) but the text content value shifts.


You can check the text GUID value of a property by making a label with the property you want to check, and alt (option) clicking on it with the find an select window open and the criteria set to "text content".


Has anybody else run into this? Seems to fly in the face of the whole GUID principle.

AC 24 5004 AUS
iMac OSX (10.13.6) 4.2ghz i7
8gb ram/8gb vram

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